Leighton Buzzard Market is in the High Street, Tuesdays and Saturdays

The High Street has been fully pedestrianised to assist with social distancing, more information can be found on CBC’s dedicated web page.
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Leighton Buzzard Market – a great place to shop, a great place to trade

We are lucky to have a bustling, modern twice-weekly market at the heart of our vibrant High Street.

Leighton Buzzard Market welcomes shoppers from within the growing community and surrounding area, and traders from our parish Leighton-Linslade, Bedfordshire and across the East of England region.

“I can usually find what I am looking for, quickly, at a good price, and without the need to queue.”

“It’s lively. I enjoy the atmosphere. The market has its characters. There is usually a new face with something different. I usually come home with something not on my list!”

Why shop at Leighton Buzzard Market? Shoppers visit Leighton Buzzard Market for a few minutes or a few hours, to choose from stalls selling everything from classic market staples such as fresh fruit and vegetables, plants and cut flowers,

Why else? Leighton Buzzard Market offers the choice of a three additional specialist markets, each scheduled regularly, and designed to enhance the vitality, variety and value of the market.

Our specialist markets are: Leighton Buzzard Farmers Market; Leighton Buzzard Handmade and Craft Market; Leighton Buzzard Start-up Market Pitches.

Travel and parking – Leighton Buzzard Market benefits from close proximity to public parking and the public transport network. It’s easy to get here.

Leighton Buzzard Market is managed by Leighton- Linslade Town Council, who uphold standards, recruit new traders, invest in the market and collaborate with retail in a calendar of themed shopping events.

About Leighton Buzzard Market

What – Leighton Buzzard Market offers customers variety and value in a vibrant open-air setting.

When and Where – Leighton Buzzard Market is held every Tuesday and Saturday, in the heart of the High Street, centring on the Market Cross.